Monday, December 22, 2008

New Year's resolution...

She let me borrow a book called Mountains beyond Mountains and said "you're really going to like this." 10 pages in and I was pretty interested, by 100, totally engrossed, coming to a close at 300, and I realized I had just finished my favorite book for 08.

MBM is a story of an uncanny doctor named Paul Farmer who eventually co-founded a non-profit organization called "Partners in Health." Both Paul Farmer and PIH have done incredible things for the poor and those poor who suffer from serious illness.

Having finished the book, She and I have agreed to select an organization to donate to each month. Unfortunately, so many of them need our help...

For the beginning of 09, I've selected my first choice: Partners in Health. Please check out their website here:

Also, Dr. Paul Farmer was featured yesterday on NPR's special "This I believe." Listen here:

I feel invigorated and inspired! Do yourself a big favor and read this book! And maybe even consider giving Partner's in Health a little help?

-He Said

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