Thursday, November 27, 2008

Man Bras. Everyone needs one.

Just bought mine this week. Fits good, looks great, my confidence has been boosted 200%, but mostly, I am gentler and more caring. Get one while they're hot!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Wedding Singer...

I've decided that when He and She get married down the road, this will be the song we will sing and actually re-enact during the ceremony...I will serenade her with my sunglasses, pants, shirt, and sweet hairdo. If she doesn't accept, atleast I'll have a sensational pop career to look forward to.

Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up from UgoDuru on Vimeo.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Hootin and Hollerin!!!!!

Back in September, Ariel and I flew up to Gainesville, Missouri for Hootin and Hollerin (a.k.a a good reason to get the family together). Picture a bunch of people square dancing, making knick knacks out of wood, roasting peanuts, and playing instruments made out of things pulled from the barn yard--that's Hootin and Hollerin. Count us in!

Above, the Gunn family and friends.

It's always good to wake up in the morning to a cool breeze, a cup of coffee, and a waterfall in your front yard. 10am Saturday, the Gunn compound.

Another eccentric little piece of nature in the yard. Years ago a wild wind tried to push this tree over...instead of giving in, it bent over the creek and kept a grow'in.
What are the chances of National Geographic hiring me for point and shoot photos?

Many might think this is a couple of bottles on Tacie's window's not, it's what professional photographers (aka high brow artists like myself) take with their point and shoot. Really, the scene just looked like it needed a photo taken

This is He, getting ready for the festivities.

Instead of inserting photos of the actual Hootin and Hollerin event (which for some reason I didn't snap any of the actual event), Here is a photo of "Lurch"--the guiness book's world record holding Watusi bull with the largest Horns...100lbs and 5 ft long each.

Lurch is a resident of the "Rocky Ridge Refuge" just over the Missouri border in Arkansas--we took a day trip down on Sunday afternoon. The owner tends to exotic animals, Lurch being one of them. I can't explain how docile this big dude was.
A better grasp of his horn size.

Lurch's best bud, Wade the water buffalo.

She and the newly adopted fawn...notice all the animals live behind the same fence and get along. Pretty amazing.

The last time I was up in this area was two years ago at about the exact same time. Then, Tacie and I had heard stories of the Ozark Turantula and thought we might have seen some on the road side...Once again, this year was right in the window (about one month long) of the season where they not only come out of hiding, but enter the closest roadway to soak up the heat from the cement. Not only did we see a couple, I actually got to snap a photo this time.
Stay Tuned for Hootin and Hollerin 09. Next year I might actually get some photos.

-He Said