Saturday, October 25, 2008

Decibel Magazine's "My Awesome Day Job" article.

I got a copy of the October issue of Decibel Magazine and was pleasantly suprised to find this little article included. If this piece captures what I actually sound like in conversation, I should probably start to worry. I knew that I kind of looked like Jeff Spicoli from "Fast times at Ridgemont High," but I wasn't aware that I talk like him too.

-He Said

LYOF Tour: September 5th through September 16th.

LYOF went out on the road in mid September. As opposed to the tours we've had in the past, this one was scheduled by a booking agent that sent us on a pretty unusual, gas guzzling route. Most of the drives were pretty long...the first being a perfect example: Tampa to DC. From there, we went up to NYC and played shows back down the east coast to Florida. Then the second leg of our tour started: Tampa to Austin and plenty of shows in between.
Overall, we had a blast. Played some really good shows, met some really great people, ate some really good food, and got to celebrate the release of our new album on September 15th.
Here's a montage of photos from the trip in no particular order...enjoy.
For a complete, uncensored (I'm warning you) tour diary, go to and search "Light Yourself on Fire tour diary." LYOF in Tampa photo above by Nicole Kibert:
We stayed with my friend Jason Hammacher in D.C.. Not only was his house unreal, in an absolutely beautiful neighborhood, but Sticky Fingers (an all vegan bakery) is right around the corner. 10am breakfast bonanza and the best all-you-can-drink coffee!

Sticky Fingers was so good it has been honored with two photos. Ken (our drummer) and me, guts full, content, and ready to make the drive to NYC.

Newark, NJ.. Rest stop somewhere off I-1O. I have to take advantage of anything that resembles a launch ramp.

Imagine sitting in this every day on your way to work in the BIG Apple. I'll pass.

Richmond, Va.. Playing Nara Sushi in Richmond was a real treat. Getting free, all-you-can-eat sushi is another story.

Richmond. 1AM fire hydrant hop. Ask Ariel how I'm still awake in this photo, its a mystery.

Surprise. I opened a women's clothing store in Colombia, SC..

Rest stop rail hop in Pensacola, Florida. One of the many stops initiated by my old-man bladder.

My first time in New Orleans. Two hours prior to this we ran over a giant Nutria rat in the van.

Really late night show, with an unusually good turnout...New Orleans is the creepiest city I've visited. Mix Disney's Haunted Mansion with French architecture, a little bit of voodoo and poof!

Austin, Tx. I had no idea that death metal music and pizza were connected? L. to R.-Ken, Robert, and John.

A stray New Orleans photo. Robert, 3AM. This is the alley to the "Dragon's Den." Try loading all your equipment through this alley and then up a spiral staircase. Someone was trying to kill us.

-He said