Thursday, December 4, 2008

He's crazy

In spite of its new age hippie meets corporate yuppie name, Synergy is my favorite drink. It combines 3 of my favorite things: tartness, sweetness, and carbonation. And with its possible .05% alcohol content, it's a little bit like a vinegar mimosa (hey, a vin-mosa!).

As much as I love this drink, He HATES it, so much so that every time I treat myself to one (they're not cheap) he retches loudly. (To add insult to injury, he likes to waste my liquid ambrosia by taking a sip to "see if it's still gross.")

Oh, but be warned if you want to try one: the effervescence that I love so much means that the drink is prone to leaking ... and exploding.

-- She said

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