Saturday, August 2, 2008

Too old for this?

My friend Conall and I have been working on a video project this summer. It's going to be based around the idea of riding in Florida's unbearable summer heat and dealing with our local fickle climate changes: aka, afternoon thunderstorms.
Last Sunday, we met up in downtown Tampa, rode a solid seven hours, filmed for the documentary and shot some photos. Somehow, the impending storms never hovered directly over downtown which kept us partailly shaded in overcast and completely dry.
All photos by Chris Wharton. Matt. Lightning bolt pole ride...two days prior to this, we almost got struck by lightning (literally) a couple blocks away from here.
Matt. Barspin over a handrail in a shady part of downtown.

Counting stairs and getting scared.

A one shot deal. Suicide no hander...I'm happy I pulled this considering I thought for sure it was going to avail a bad wreck.

Conall, Ledge ride. Right after this photo was taken, Conall almost ran me over. His precision paid off for me.

Conall. Turndown with one of the inpending storms in the background.

Matt Arnold, and a grafitti inspired fakie barspin.

I just can't get enough of cabbage palms...or toothpicks by Conall.

Nosepick in front of what used to be a cigar workers front yard. This spot is right outside the cigar the turn of the century, this place was producing the most cigars in the US. Now that this house in particular is gone, we've made good use of its drainage system.
-He Said

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