Saturday, August 30, 2008

Another New England Trip...

Although I've been up to New England on four occasions in the past year and a half, it continues to have the same magical effect on me. I'm not too fond of it's winters, but summers are simply amazing.
On August 15th, I flew up to providence, RI. to embark on a work trip filming the team. We skirted the rental van up into New Hampshire, down to Connecticut and Massachusetts, and finally back to tiny Rhode Island. The only thing out of the ordinary was the extremely damp weather that reminded me of those storms common in Florida on a summer afternoon--torrential down-pours and lightning galore. Somehow we still made things happen, filmed a bunch, and got to experience a portion of the most rain New England has experienced on record.

Our Posse. Dover New Hampshire right before torrential rains #3.

Hamden, Connecticut. This is my friend Hennessey and me with "Captain peg leg" the 3 footed beagle. I really felt bad for this guy as he hobbled around my friend Matty's yard. Then he playfully attacked "ziggy" and I realized it was all a doggy facade.

Check out the way "Cap's" nub is pinning Ziggy. This is called the "nub choke out."

Some lake outside of Providence. Beautiful, warm and chrystal clear. We had to walk a mile in the woods to get to it. I tried to show off by doggy-paddling out into the center of the lake with my friends' Hennessey and Tony...when I got there, I pannicked and had to have the two of them escort me back. Honestly, it was pretty scary.

In high school I discovered the writings of HP Lovecraft and fell in love with his fictional, creepy stories of the weird and occult. His stories always took place in New England. On the last day of the trip, I took a self guided tour alone, rambling through historic College Hill in hopes to find architecture that inspired his many stories. This is the Lovecraft memorial near Brown University.

The Halsey House, erected in 1801 and thought to be haunted. This was the central location for Lovecraft's story "The Case of Charles Dexter Ward."

<Lovecraft's final residence beginning in 1935.

Pawtucket, RI.. After dropping a handful of people off on our journey, this was our group that ended the trip in Providence.

-He Said.

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