Saturday, June 28, 2008

The South! Vacation part two: Greensboro, N.C..

By Friday night, we were back in Greensboro at my Brother's house. We strolled through the city of Greensboro (and got a tour of UNCG via golf cart-thanks Rebecca) on Saturday and spent the rest of the time hanging with Buddy, Rebecca, and Gabby. Thanks to Rebecca for being an amazing cook, Gabby for being a precocious ball of non-stop fun, and Buddy for explaining to me why Soccer is a pretty amazing sport--after years of bewilderment, I finally understand.

Ariel's Top 5

1.meeting Gabby, v. 5
2.beginning each morning with a Gabby hug
3.painting Matt's toenails with Gabby
4.coloring with Gabby
5.being introduced as Gabby's aunt

A shy Gabby.

Still a shy Gabby.

Gabby unleashed!!!!!

Buddy and Rebecca just finished hand-building this sweet playground a week before we arrived.

Pink beard the Pirate.

And her first mate, the hornswaggling uncle Matt.

Gabby, Ariel, and Matt. UNCG campus stroll.

Buddy, Rebecca, and the semi-professional nature photographer--Gabby.

A Plaque commemorating the historic Woolworth's lunch counter sit in--Downtown Greensboro.
Foot-prints to the beginning of the civil rights movement. Again, the Old Woolworth's building.

Zombie Gabby!
When Ariel told me that she and Gabby were going to paint my toenails, I said "no."
Then the boss gave me the stink-eye and off came my socks.

For such a tiny little person, Gabby has a ravenous appetite. I've also never seen a child eat as well as she does!
Matt's top 5
2.Late night Tevoed soccer with Buddy followed by Metal Mania on VH-1 featuring a video with saw-bladed, Blacky Lawless from the metal band W.A.S.P..
4.Rebecca's amazing improv salads.
5.Having to tell my unbelieving friends that I personally didn't paint my toe nails pink.
-He Said

Not pictured: Green Hill's Center for NC Art exhibition, "Regrowth," featured this incredible artist, Bryant Holsenbeck, who makes installations out of discarded objects. This particular one was a tropical forest made out of torn pages from books, garbage bags, garden hoses, pencils, among other things. I can't explain why I love art made out of garbage.
-She Said.

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