Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Cure--Now and then.

Last summer, Kieran got us tickets to see the Cure. Due to the delay on their recording of a new album, the tour was re-scheduled a year later. Wednesday was the show here in Tampa. On the handful of other times that I've seen them, they were really good. However, 2 hours and 45 minutes into the show on Wednesday was when I realized that this was probably one of the best concerts I've been to.
After an hour into the performance I began counting songs in hopes that they would cover atleast one tune off of each album. By the end of the night, they had gone back to 1978 with "Boys don't cry" and "Killing an Arab." Unfortunately, they missed one album: "Bloodflowers." This was a record I listened to for 6 weeks straight back in 2000 while travelling through Europe...It brings back good memories and I was hoping to feel some of that live. But O-well, a fat man with smeared make-up can only play his guitar so long.
Although the show was amazing, I was let down that Robert Smith is the only original member. See this photo circa sometime in the 80's. What happened to these guys? Where did they go?
Instead of the original dudes, Robert Smith had to substitute them with these young posers. From left to right: Robert Smith (after a trip to MacDonalds for some Happy Meals), A 20+ year old bass player who loves Adam Ant way too much (Although I did like his conquistador tights and sash), Jon Bon-Jovi decided to play drums on this tour, and who is this 2nd guitarist with crappy henna tattoos, screen from a porch as a shirt, and bat make-up?
Come on Robert, bring some of those old dudes back!

-He Said


Fran said...

Is that a joke?

For one thing, the first picture is not the original band! Only Lol and Robert in that pic were originally in The Cure. Secondly, Robert, Porl, and Simon are in both pictures...

bermont said...

I am guessing that is so ignorant to talk without knowing the facts.
The only new member is the drummer on the picture below Simon Gallup and Porl Thompson still on the band as the poster above,