Saturday, June 28, 2008

The South! Vacation part three: Atlanta, Ga.

On the last leg of the trip we headed 5 hours south of Greensboro to Atlanta. The plan was to hang out with my brother (Artie), see some sights, indulge in the urban shopping that Tampa lacks, and fill our gullets with even more large doses of Vegan goodies.

Ariel's Top 5

1.Soul Vegetarian (for lunch)
2.Soul Vegetarian (for dinner)
3.The Container Store
4.The High Art Museum
5.Hanging out with Artie (I'd almost forgot that we saw him, he was so busy studying hard! We're proud of you, Artie!)
Vegan barbeque ribs, mac and cheese, collared greens, and salsbury steak. As fake as George Washington's teeth.
Ariel--In Soul veg Heaven.

Ariel--Holding a cache of Container Store goodness while a taxi driver (behind her in the mini van) looks on wondering why this crazy woman is so happy.
Matt's top five
1.Atlanta as the new Vegan Mecca
2.My first experience walking through Ikea.
3.A night stroll through Piedmont Park.
4.The High Art Museum's Civil Rights pictoral documentary from 1955 to 1964. Heartbreaking.
High Art's Louvre exhibit right around the corner from their Georgia Folk Art exhibit.
5.Comprehending my brother Artie working two jobs, handling full time school, and still being able to get up at 5:30am every day for a 2 hour work out. I thought I was busy?
-He Said

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