Saturday, May 31, 2008


Things I didn’t expect to find in my grandmother’s junkroom:
  • A WWI bayonet
  • A 1943 German edition of Mein Kampf
  • A bourbon decanter in the shape of WC Fields’ head (to pour, just pop off his top hat)
  • A 1941 edition of Marriage and Sexual Harmony. Praised by Health and Hygiene for its “sensible and scientific advice” and deemed “excellent” by Church Management, the book tempts me with its opening line: “True marriage is a happy venture into a promised land.”
--She said


Adi said...

Hey matt did I ever mention that your section on that Ride vid used to crack me an my housemate Johann up, that bit where you ask your Grandmother what she thinks of your BMX is amazing!

i.Integral said...

Hey, can I borrow MEIN KAMPF? just kidding. too funny....