Sunday, May 4, 2008

The Ozarks.

A couple weeks ago I headed up to Joplin, Missouri for a bike contest. Although it was April, it was freezing cold and our thin Florida skin forced us to stay inside most of the time.
In Joplin, our friend Jeana was the most pleasant host on Friday and Saturday night. She treated us to a pancake breakfast on Saturday while Sunday we headed to an all vegan cafe inside of a bead shop. There, we indulged in the most delectable vegan brunch.
Unlike Ariel (who loves to photographically document good food around the world), I was unprepared and didn't have the means to snap a shot of the heavenly sustenance. My appologies.
By Monday it had warmed up a bit and we packed up to leave for Springfield, Mo. where we stayed at my friend Joe West's skatepark/apartment.

After eating an amazing breakfast at this Holiday Inn, Mark and I lounged in front of this fireplace. Because of it's ties to the skatepark (that held the contest in Joplin), Joe West got a lush suite comped for a low price of $7.
What do poor bike riders do on trips? We cram in like sardines! $7 split 8 ways, that's $.87 a person.

Once we got to Sprinfield, we unpacked and road through the streets most of the day. Here's Joe West in front of a monument that sits next to the court house. We rode here for hours and didn't get the boot by the police.

Mark snapped this shot of me filming next to an old school-house. A couple hours later, this brand new panasonic video camera decided to die on me. Moral of the story: buy a warranty and then insure it!

This is the entrance to the apartment we stayed at in Springfield. It's hand made by Joe with particle board, throw away carpeting, and a mess of 2 by 4's. Believe it or not, this place is pretty confy.
When you walk around the corner to the left, you'll find this. There's nothing better than having a private skatepark right outside your door.

For $600 a month, Joe and two roomates split rent here. The only draw back is that it is in an industrial sits right in front of a live turkey processing plant which was so brutal it could make just about anyone atleast consider vegetarianism.

Lastly, here's a video that we put together documenting the trip. Thanks to Jeana Gockley and Joe West for their fine, Ozark hospitality!

-He Said

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