Saturday, May 10, 2008

My best buddy becomes a doctor?

Last Friday my best buddy of 10 years graduated from medical school. Unlike most Med. school graduates, we celebrated Dr. Pinzon's title by heading to the skatepark/bowl in downtown Tampa to indulge in what we call "Dirt nap Friday."
At the bowl, we snake to the bottom and jump our bikes out of the end. Doing an assortment of different tricks while in the air, we hope to land without falling in the sand and getting filthy. Most of the time we just end up getting filthy...Pinzon always being the dirtiest.

Dr. Pinzon will be doing his residency in Pediatrics at the L.A. county Hospital in Cali. for three years. Once finished, he'll be heading back to Tampa to work at his father's Pediatrics office.

I honestly can't tell you how proud I am of this guy. To balance Med. school, riding, and a serious relationship is a pretty big task to pull off.

Congratulations Dr. Pinzon! Dirt nap friday will never be the same without you.

360 table top out of the bowl.

Dr. Pinzon getting filthy on "Dirt nap Friday."
All photos by C. Henrich.

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