Tuesday, December 18, 2007

First Post: White is the new Black.

She said that it is imperative not to wash whites with colors. But is it really?

In 2003, I saved up my pennies and bought a house. Not a good one, it was actually pretty shabby. To cover up the "shab" I decorated it with "Shag." Let me rephrase that, I painted my whole house in Shag colors (bright blues, reds, and greens) and accented it with his art. Go here for a sample: http://www.shag.com/ Find the most rediculous print, and that was my house.

In the back of my house was a little shed. It was actually more like an outhouse with a washer and dryer. On opening the door to do my laundry I would have to fight off wolf spiders. No joke. Big ones. With egg sacks on their backs. In that room was where I learned how to do laundry. It was scary for me. Every turn of the knob could mean sudden disaster. Cold, warm, hot water? Lights, colors, darks. Small, medium, full load? Too many decisions. But I pulled through, and every wash came out just fine. For four years since, I've been successful in executing the art of laundry. You might call me a laundress or a launderer? I'd take that as a compliment. Until last night...

As 2008 creeps on the horizon, white shirts have become the new black. I remember telling myself years ago that I'd never wear a white shirt again. Well, I was wrong-I picked up two white shirts recently. Well, they were white until I decided to prove Ariel wrong. I thought to myself, do whites really need their own wash? Of course not, its a myth--bang! My two new shirts in with the colors. Turn the knobs: Medium load, color option, hot water and the washing machine starts washing.

A half an hour later the washing alarm screams done. I put down my coffee, run and open the door, and as if I didn't know the outcome, my white shirts are a faded light blue. Now, the white shirt trend I was to jump on, failed.

But, as I have done in the past with ruined shirts (blood stains, dirt stains, or sweat stains from riding), I fold them up and put them in the closet to be worn the next day.



kmk said...

i wash my whites with colours. i just use cold water. my laundry is separated into "lights" and "darks."

every so often i'll do a "just whites" load but then i usually add some bleach.


g gunn tulsa said...

mix white, colors together and anything else you have like a dirty screwdriver. Iy does not matter they all come out clean g gunn tulsa

mangler said...

i hope they weren't your ghetto fab tall tee's, that would suck. how you gonna be a hard gangster with light blue tall tee's?

i wash it all together, but on cold water. hot water is the devil. it shrinks and bleeds your clothes.