Friday, December 21, 2007

Alcohol: The instant best friend factory.

Today was the Profile Racing (my job) holiday party. Once the food was laid out, I indulged in veggie sandwiches, piles of chips with cranberry salsa, soy nog, and the abstaining from alcohol for my 30th year. But while I ate, many of my co-workers got hammered, which is always enjoyable to watch.

Today is the only day out of the year where we don't fight like a dysfunctional family. The more beer that was pounded, the more cordial everyone becomes.
This is Scooter. He loves to insult my existence daily from 7:30am to 4pm. But today, even though he's raising his fist at the camera in anger, we're good buddies at about 5 beers down his tubes.

This is Jack, our head machinist. At about 7 beers, he's glassy eyed and loving dispite his usual complaints about my work ethic. And in between giving me hugs today, he actually kissed me on the cheek and picked me up like his new bride on wedding day.

Four days off. I'm not complaining. Back to the grind of receiving plenty of invective on Wednesday.

-He said.

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