Monday, December 31, 2007

Caution, Alligators!

So Saturday ending up being a pretty eventful/adventerous day for the two of us. Our friends' Candi and Andy decided to take us on a little bike ride through Payne's Prairie south of Gainseville. After bouncing on the bed like a child, my extreme annoyance worked well in getting Ariel up at 9am and on the road. By 10:30am, the four of us were pedaling adjacent to Payne's Prairie. Within five minutes I saw about 3 wild turkeys. The excitement of spotting them would have lasted me all day until Andy pumped up the jam and took us to a succesion of sinkholes with this plaque protecting the entrance. Ariel and I were pretty freaked out by the sign, but even more so when we saw a pile of bull alligators wading in the water while some sunbathed on land.

Northern Florida and the whole state of Georgia is suffering from a serious draught. Notice the sinkholes are pretty low, filled with black, evil looking brackish water. To make things even more morbid, we got word that the alligators (due to a low food supply) have been resorting to canibalism.

Here is a photo of a Blue Heron. The picture does not justify the size of this bird. I would have snapped a closer picture but he wasn't stoked on us hanging around his tree and quickly flew off.

After pedaling a good ten miles, we came across this look out onto Payne's Prairie. This shot defines why I love Florida so much. Beautiful expanse.

After our bike ride we headed out to the "Treehouse" (Ariel's parents). In route we found this creepy looking goat on the side of the road behind a fence. He was not interested in me but seemed to have the hots for Ariel. Check out that wild tuft of chin hair...That's the epitome of a "goatee."
-He Said.

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