Monday, January 7, 2008

My lovely Tampa...

I just took my friend John to the airport today. He spent 8 days in Florida, more than half of those in Tampa. Being bike riders by trade, it is our duty to travel to cities far away to scour for "spots." The term "scour" in the bike world entails pedaling through all the nooks and crannies of any given city to find optimal places to ride--so called "spots."

Yesterday, John and I covered all of downtown and Ybor. Even though I've been riding this area since the early nineties, new spots (usually due to construction) will always pop up anew. Beyond the act of riding, traveling through the city-scape of Tampa always proves to me why I love this little neck of the woods so much. In perfect, winter cooled air, John and I checked out the campus at U.T. with it's Russian minarets, Tampa Theatre with its 1930's facade still in tact, the giant ships in Port of Tampa (I always revel in the thought of something that massive being built to float), and the old, red brick Cigar factories of Ybor.

So unique is this town. I can never get enough...and neither can John--he's flying back to New Hampsire into 3 feet of snow. Sorry man.
-He Said.

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