Friday, January 25, 2008

Destination: he could have known

While Matt spent an hour and a half driving around Ocala trying to find a Staples, his brand new GPS system sat safely in his room. In case he ever needs directions to the kitchen.

--She said


i.Integral said...

I couldn't stop cracking up after I read your piece Ariel. Seems like Matt and I (or is it me?, just kidding) have things in common. That totally could have been me.

Adam said...

I think GPS systems in the car are such a waste. Everyone relies on them and as a result can't remember how to get to their neighborhood grocery store without one. Half the time all they say is "recalculating...recalculating" and then they tell you to turn left after you have already past the street. Every time I get into a car and someone starts putting in our destination address I die a little inside. Keep it in your room, Matt!