Friday, March 20, 2009

What am I supposed to do?

At Golden Gate Park in San Fransisco, we found this sign upon entering. After we laughed at the absurdity of the signage, we bit our tongues and attempted to interpret the rules so as not to break any. In the end, we thought we would probably break them all, so we found something else to do.

1.No bicycle riding if you don't have any hands or feet.
2.No skateboarding if your torso is not connected to your legs.
3.No yeti's, especially if they're standing on 8 donuts.
4.No Nazi skindhead scooter gangs.
5.Animal crackers are not permitted.
6.No pooping, especially if you're pooping a canon ball.
7.No marijuana farming.
8.No stomping on your marijuana if you don't get caught growing it.
9.Do not allow the squirrels to eat your fingers.

1 comment: said...

Any good lawyer would tell you that such restrictive regulations should be stated in the positive. It would probably be more simple to say tht the only thing you are allowed to do in the park is to walk.