Sunday, March 16, 2008

Around the world in two minutes...(kind of)

Ms. Ariel and I are planning our next vacation for this summer. We're not sure where it will be? Considering the down and out dollar bill is worth little internationally, we might stay close to home this year. We'll see.

I was flipping through our photos of the last four summers of tripping. I found some good ones and I thought I'd share (plus I need some inspiration to work on my current paper for class).

Some were shot by he, some were shot by she.


-He Said

The Isle of Skye. Scotland.
Gledalough, Ireland.
London Bridge.
Rock of Cashel, Ireland.
Naples, Italy.
The Parthenon. Athens, Greece.
The Blue Mosque. Istanbul, Turkey.
Rhodes, Greece.
Mykonos, Greek Isles.
Surfing in the middle of the city. Munich, Germany
No mans land, Ireland.


mangler said..., fly to greensboro for cheap-o.

micah said...

I hear the Czech Republic is easy on the American Dollar. Unless they have switched to the Euro already.