Thursday, June 4, 2009

Travel Yosemite on a $1.50 a day

My good friends Mark and Chad got hired to do a bmx demo in Oakhurst, California (16 miles from Yosemite). Considering they needed someone to help film, I volunteered for the position, and found myself on a plane heading back to San Fransico on May
22nd. After the demo (on the 23rd), our friend Tammy (the event organizer) treated us to a full day at Yosemite. With plenty of snacks on hand to handle the non-vegan friendly park, I treated myself to a bottle of OJ for $1.50 to celebrate the day...They call me a high roller.

Chad, Mark, and Myself at Glacier Point.

The lower falls.

A dead tree and half dome.

El Capitan.

Another big rock that makes you feel inconsequential.

Me and Mark at the Overlook.

-He Said.